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How do the e-LfH e-learning products work?

e-LfH programmes can be used alone, but are of most value when integrated with existing local resources into a blended learning programme.

Trainees access the content via the internet, using a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) that records progress in a secure online database.

Trainees are offered frequent opportunities to reflect on their learning through formative and, sometimes, summative assessment. Interactivity allows trainees to test their knowledge and provides immediate feedback using images and cases that they could encounter in clinical practice.

This supports the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills to prepare trainees for their clinical work, formal examinations and continued professional development.


Do I have to pay to access the e-LfH e-learning products?

e-LfH e-learning is free to all relevant healthcare professionals within the NHS; the sessions you can access depend on your specialty, organised through your professional body.


Will e-learning replace face to face contact?

No. It is important to note that the primary focus of medical and healthcare training won't change; clinical experience will still be gained working with senior / expert colleagues. E-learning will be there as one of the many support tools provided during training, offering more flexibility to learn at a pace and time that suits the trainee.


Is special software or permission from my Trust's IT department required?

You need an internet connection and a computer. Some standard software, such as Flash, is required to make full use of the e-learning we provide, all of which are free of charge, although installation may require permission from your IT department.


Can I access the e-learning sessions from my workplace?

Yes, you should be able to. However, if you have any problems, help is available from our Support Team


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