The background to e-LfH and the ground-breaking e-learning solution for Radiology

e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) started in Radiology.

In 2003, the NHS identified an urgent need to increase the number of trained radiologists. Traditional training schemes were oversubscribed, but service commitments meant that consultants had no capacity to absorb more trainees.

The NHS needed a radically different approach that gave greater flexibility in meeting training needs whilst at the same time ensuring that the training received was consistent.

riti_ss_sm.jpgIn a groundbreaking collaboration that was unique to the UK healthcare sector at that time, the Royal College of Radiologists and Department of Health developed an IT based solution - the Radiology-Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) - to increase training capacity without putting additional strain on current resources.

R-ITI is part of a 'blended learning' solution, combining traditional proven teaching models with state of the art e-learning techniques and technology. The result is a national quality assured integrated training system and environment that delivers the entire three-year radiology core curriculum through an an instantly accessible, interactive electronic learning platform.

Initially piloted in three Radiology Academies (2005/06), the R-ITI e-learning solution is now available over the web to all 4,000 UK radiologists and was a significant step forward in the training and development of medical practitioners.

The success of R-ITI has generated a model for the future delivery of generic and professional healthcare training.

e-Learning for Healthcare was formed in April 2007 to deliver a range of programmes, from anaesthesia to audiology, dentistry to dermatology, emergency medicine to end of life care, primary care to prescribing, safeguarding children to statutory and mandatory training.

In 2013, e-LfH transitioned across to Health Education England.


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