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The Adolescent Health Programme comprises 71 e-learning ‘sessions’, grouped together by topic into 13 modules. Each learning session takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. The sessions include interactive elements, case studies and self-assessments to reinforce learning and there are a range of resources signposted at the end of each session. The full curriculum for the Adolescent Health Programme is available for download in pdf format here.

You can find out more about the curriculum by selecting the modules below. 

MindEd and the Adolescent Health Programme

In addition, the mental health topics included in the Adolescent Health Programme are also freely available as part of the MindEd mental health e-learning programme. The Healthy Child Mental Health Framework brings together the mental health e-learning sessions from the Healthy Child Programme 0-18 series on the open-access MindEd platform. Visit the MindEd e-learning portal here.


You can find out more about the curriculum by selecting the modules below. 

Module 1 - Introduction: Health and Illness in Adolescence

 Introduction: Health and Illness in Adolescence

  • Introduction to Adolescent Health and Illness

  • Guidance and Policy for Young People's Health

  • Investing in Adolescent Health

Module 2 - Healthy Development

Healthy Development

  • Healthy Development in Adolescence

  • Concepts of Puberty

  • Pubertal Assessment

  • Psychosocial Development

  • Social Development

  • Assessing Development Stage

Module 3 - Legal Framework

The Legal Framework

  • The Legal Framework for Working with Young People

  • Assessing Competence in Young People

  • Confidentiality in Counsulations and in Health Services

  • Confidentiality: Formal and Accidental Disclosures

  • Giving and Getting Consent

  • Ethics: Background and its Importance

  • Ethics: Using the Deliberative Process

  • Safeguarding Adolescents

Module 4 - Communication and Consultation with Young People

Communication and Consultation with Young People

  • Communication Skills in Young People

  • Health Communication and Young People: Setting the Scene

  • Gathering Information and Exploring Sensitive Issues

  • Explaining and Consent

  • Motivating and Empowering

Module 5 - Health Promotion and Advocacy

Health Promotion and Advocacy

  • Health Promotion in Young People

  • Health Promotion in Clinical Consultations

Module 6 - Long-term Conditions and Transitional Care

Long-term Conditions and Transitional Care 

  • The Experience of Chronic Illness and Disability During Adolescence

  • Disability in Adolescence

  • Sexuality and Health Risk Behaviours in Chronic Illness and Disability

  • The Expert Young Person/Patient

  • Transition from Child-centred to Adult-centred Health Care

  • Practical Approaches to Transition

  • Developing a Transition Programme 

Module 7 - Concordance / Adherence

Concordance / Adherence

  • Adherence and Concordance in Young People

  • Practical Approaches to Improving Adherence and Concordance

Module 8 - Young People Friendly Services

Young People Friendly Services

  • Introduction to Youth Friendly Services

  • Community-based Drop-in Services for Young People

  • Designing Innovative Services for Young People

  • Making Hospital Services Youth Friendly

Module 9 - Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Sexual Behaviour in Adolescence

  • Sexual Assault in Young People

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in Young People

  • Contraception

  • Teenage Parents

  • Adolescent Gynaecology

  • Preventing Pregnancy

Module 10 - Self Harm and Common Mental Problems

Self Harm and Common Mental Problems

  • Mental Health and Well Being in Adolescence

  • Introduction to Self-harm

  • The Assessment and Management of Self-harm

  • The Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems

  • Recognising Common Mental Health Problems

  • Management of Common Mental Health Problems

  • Specific Approaches to Managing Common Mental Health Problems

Module 11 - Substance Use and Misuse

Substance Use and Misuse

  • Substance Use, Misuse and Abuse

  • Managing Substance Use Problems in Routine Clinical Practice

  • Substance Misuse: Prevention Strategies

Module 12 - Overweight and Underweight

Overweight and Underweight

  • Body Shape and Body Image in Adolescence

  • Nutritional Requirements in Adolescence

  • Development of Normal Eating Behaviour

  • Obesity in Young People

  • Public Health and Community Management of Adolescent Obesity

  • Medical Assessment and Management of Obesity

  • Eating Disorders in Young People

  • Assessment of Eating Disorders

  • Management Strategies for Eating Disorders

  • Multidisciplinary Management of Adolescent Obesitypeople

Module 13 - Common Medical Conditions

Common Medical Conditions

  • Introduction to Common Symptoms and Help-Seeking

  • Sleep Problems in Adolescence

  • Assessment and Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndromes in Adolescence

  • Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Adolescence

  • Acne

  • Glandular Fever




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