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According to national studies, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 6 women are drinking at harmful levels. This can result in chronic and acute ill health caused by alcohol, alcohol-related accidents and hospital admissions.

Evidence has shown that if consistently implemented, providing simple alcohol advice would result in 250,000 men and 67,500 women reducing their drinking levels from hazardous and harmful to lower risk each year.

The overall goal of Alcohol IBA is to enable the learner to effectively engage with non-dependent alcohol misusing patients, who may not realise they are damaging their health, as set out in Skills for Health’s National Occupational Standard AH10 “work with individuals to encourage a reduction in harmful alcohol consumption and drinking behaviour”.

Each of the courses aimed at Primary Care, Community Pharmacy and Hospital Settings is split into six e-learning sessions:

  1. Facts About Alcohol

  2. Identification and Brief Alcohol Advice (IBA)

  3. Tools for Identifying Alcohol Misuse

  4. Clinical Approach to Brief Advice – with a different version of this session for Primary Care, Community Pharmacy and Hospital Settings

  5. Practising Brief Advice

  6. Assessment

The course aimed at Dental Teams consists of four sessions:

  1. Facts about Alcohol

  2. Identification and Brief Alcohol Advice (IBA) for Dental Teams

  3. Practising Audit-C

  4. Assessment


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