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Sample sessions

Approximately 50 hours of online training is currently available. All e-Audiology sessions have been written and quality assured by leading professionals working in audiology and use multimedia features such as animation and self assessment to support the learning.

Below are two sample e-learning sessions you can try out.

Please note that if you access the content below, your progress and completion of sessions will not be recorded and you will not be able to generate a record of completion.

Sample sessions 

Tympanometry Equipment and Testing

Tympanometry Equipment And TestingThis session introduces the tympanometer and explains its features as well as the principles of tympanometry, including when tympanometry would be used and how to perform the test on a subject with normal ears and hearing.



Anatomy of the Inner Ear

Anatomy Of The Inner EarThis session describes the anatomy of the inner ear, excluding the balance system. It looks at its relative position and structure in detail. The inner and outer hair cells and their differences are identified. The session goes on to discuss the fluids contained in the inner ear. It uses animation and images to show what the inner ear looks like.




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