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Going for Accreditation?

If you have decided to go for academic credit for your learning gained through engagement with the package, you can do this by enrolling with Northumbria University. You will normally be expected to enroll at the start of your learning journey but it may also be possible for you to do this at a later stage, as long as you are able to demonstrate that your learning is at Master’s level and includes the required elements (outlined below).

Northumbria will award you with 30 credits of learning at Masters Level if you are successful. This equates to 1/6 of a Masters qualification. The credit gained can be used as exemption against the University's Learning in and Through Work Programme: the Masters in Professional Practice (click here) and also a number of health related Master's programmes within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (depending upon the context in which your learning and project has been developed and applied).

There are a number of additional mandatory requirements to the Standard Package that you must submit in order to gain accreditation, However, in order to assist you to get the best from your learning journey, all these elements are recommended for all participants to complete whether or not you are going for accreditation. So, if you intend to commit fully to this package you are very likely to have addressed all or many of the elements for accreditation.

Within the Workbook (click here) there is additional guidance at each phase of the learning journey for those going for accreditation. On enrollment participants (who then become students of Northumbria) will be provided with further guidance on what they need to do and what support they can expect to receive from the University.

You may also approach your local university who may be able to accredit your learning using a similar framework (click here for a list of universities offering flexible work based learning packages).

To be successful participants/students must submit a portfolio containing the following elements:

Phase 1

Individualised learning contract

Phase 3

Project proposal

Phase 4

Evidence of Reflection and Review of Learning

Phase 5

Project Presentation/Report

Phase 6

Reflective Account of how you have put learning into practice

Emboldened elements are the additional mandatory elements which must be included with the portfolio for accreditation.


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