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What do I need to do?

Understanding My Learning Journey

You will need to negotiate sufficient time to develop and implement a specific project. You may want to structure your days differently, what is important is that you protect time to do this.

Your learning journey will follow the Phases of the package. In order to be successful you are expected to complete all Phases to the satisfaction of your employing organisation (and academic tutor if going for accreditation). Whilst each Phase is shown in chronological order it is expected that you will revisit various elements as you go through your learning journey in order to review and enhance your knowledge and skills.

The package is supported by a workbook. You are also able to access the relevant section within each Phase below.

There will be two specific points where you will need to demonstrate your achievement, they are:

  • Presentation of Learning Needs and Project Proposal
  • Brief Report on Your Final Project Outcomes

At both of these points (regardless whether you are going for accreditation or not) you should submit your documents by e mail to

This will enable core information about projects to be shared with other programme users on this site, and help to build capacity across communities of practice and inform the ongoing evaluation of this programme.


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Phase 1 - Developing your learning contract

Exploring your knowledge and skills to develop your learning contract

  • Complete Building Community Capacity skills checklist
  • Describe, rationalise and contextualise your previous learning achievements. You may find it useful to use a tool such as a Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Barriers analysis (SCOB) to assist you. We have included an example of a SCOB within the workbook below, however there are other tools available which you may prefer
  • Identify your learning objectives Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) targets
  • Identify the focus for your project
  • Develop a detailed learning contract based upon your own personal, professional, workplace and community development needs

Click here for the workbook.

Phase 2 - Accessing learning resources

  • Embark on the learning action plan and development of appropriate knowledge
  • Undertake relevant master classes/or other continuing professional development
  • Gather evidence to demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes

Click here for the workbook.

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Phase 3 - Developing your project

Build upon the selected community development focus and construct a detailed project proposal

  • Your project proposal should include a rationale linked to policy, practice and the needs of service users
  • You then need to review and further develop your learning contract according to the focus of your proposal and learning needs which arise

Click here for the workbook.

Phase 4 - Managing your project

  • Once approval has been received, you should be able to implement the project
  • You need to reflect upon your learning during this Phase in order to review and further develop your learning contract as the project unfolds

Click here for the workbook.

Phase 5 - Reporting back and sharing your findings

  • As your project comes to its planned completion date you will need to share your findings and recommendations through a short report to interested parties, community members, board members, agency staff etc. In addition you may find it beneficial to develop a short presentation in order to communicate your key findings and recommendations.

Click here for the workbook.

Phase 6 - Reflection and future development

Production of a reflective account that includes:

  • Evaluation of the impact of the package on your knowledge and skills identified in the learning contract
  • Reflection on your learning journey
  • Impact of the project on building community capacity
  • Recommendations for future practice

Going for Accreditation?

Submit the completed package including the:

Phase 1

Individualised learning contract

Phase 2

Reflection of activities undertaken to update knowledge

Phase 3

Project proposal

Phase 4

Evidence of Reflection and Review of Learning

Phase 5

Project Presentation/Report

Phase 6

Reflective Account of how you have put learning into practice


Click here for the workbook.



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