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Cancer Prevention and Screening

Cancer Prevention And ScreeningThis first session provides the background to what cancer is, its causes and how to reduce its risks, possible symptoms of cancer, what to do if you suspect a client has cancer, the importance of early detection and the national cancer screening programmes available.




Cancer Diagnosis and Staging

Cancer Diagnosis And StagingThis second session explains how to understand diagnostic tests, the cancer staging and grading systems, the role of rapid diagnostic services, the acute signs and symptoms of a cancer-related emergency, and the role of the multidisciplinary team in cancer treatment decision-making.




Cancer Treatments

Cancer TreatmentsThis third session provides an understanding of how cancer is treated, the side-effects of cancer and its treatments, the management of treatment toxicity and the symptoms associated with it, what to do in a cancer-related emergency and how to understand treatment responses.



Living With and Beyond Cancer

Living With And Beyond CancerThis fourth session explores the long-term consequences of cancer, the role of rehabilitation, the needs of clients returning to work and the importance of health promotion. 




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