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Who is The Care Certificate e-learning programme for?

The Care Certificate e-learning programme supports those workers who are studying elements of the Care Certificate in both health and social care. It has been designed to support the theoretical component of their learning and provide a focus for discussion with the student’s mentor and assessor. 

Why should I complete the programme?

This e-learning resource was developed at the request of staff in both health and social care. It is based on the free workbook developed at the same time as the Care Certifcate standards. It is an adjunct to theoretical learning using interactive processes for the student and provides an opportunity to document learning and reflection.

What learning resources are available?

The learning resources for each Care Certificate standard comprise an introduction, e-learning session(s) and a set of post-session questions. The e-learning sessions may differ slightly in how they look.

The Care Certificate programme offers interactive e-learning sessions structured to map to each Care Certificate standard. Each session takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete and is available 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. It is possible to dip in and out of sessions and to access them in any order, and as frequently as is needed.

There is also a Student Toolkit and Assessor Toolkit available which provides support on how to use the e-learning programme to achieve the Care Certificate. 

Who can access it?

Access is not restricted to NHS staff; hospice and care home staff can register to access the content. Further details are available at

Access is also available via NHS OpenAthens. Further details are available at

Do I have to be registered with e-Learning for Healthcare to use it?

Access is available via the e-LfH Hub. You can register or login here:

The Care Certificate programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

I've completed some of the learning already as part of my statutory and mandatory training, do I need to complete it again within this programme?

Some of the e-learning sessions within the Care Certificate programme are also part of statutory and mandatory training, available via the e-LfH Hub and ESR. If you have completed these already, please advise your assessor.

Can I get a certificate of completion?

You can get a certificate of completion for each course, from the e-LfH Hub, once all items in that course have been completed. You can save or print this certificate. You will see this icon next to the course when the certificate is available:

Hub certificate icon

If you have completed the course on ESR you will not be able to print a certificate, however you will have a transferable record of the e-learning, and associated competencies in ESR, throughout your NHS career.

I need some technical support - who should I contact?

Always contact your own IT department first as there may be a local solution. The technical checkers available on each platform should tell you if you need more software installed to access the course and certificate. If your IT department is unable to solve the problem, it will depend on which learning platform you will be using, please complete this web form or email for e-LfH Hub technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Care Certificate (not the e-learning programme) can be found at:


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