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The course is designed for clinical and non-clinical staff who need to gain an understanding of the clinical risk management activities undertaken during the design and/or implementation of a Health IT system to support the implementation of  SCCI 0129 and 0160. This includes clinicians, managers, developers and testers.

Healthcare provision and delivery within the NHS today is highly dependent on information technology, which provides sophisticated systems and services.  Healthcare is an integrated and complex ‘system of systems’, with a patient’s care pathway being influenced by technology, different services, and the patient’s condition. Whilst the use of Health IT (HIT) delivers significant healthcare benefits, failure or unintended use of HIT systems undoubtedly has the potential to introduce hazards and associated patient harm. NHS Digital established a national safety management framework, which advocates a robust but light-touch approach, expending effort that is commensurate to the scale of risk.

NHS Digital has written and published two safety standards, one for manufacturers (SCCI 0129) and another for health and social care organisations (SCCI 0160). Each standard establishes a methodical approach to clinical risk management. The standards follow the approach established in the medical devices domain and are broadly consistent with ISO 14971.  This ensures a consistent approach to clinical risk management is embedded within NHS England. A key concept in SCCI 0129 and SCCI 0160 is the promotion of establishing and maintaining a safety culture and management framework.

The risks associated with delivering complex care to larger client populations is increasing, as is the associated cost of indemnity and insurance. The NHS Digital clinical risk management system is proven to address these risks by developing a safety culture.


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