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Understanding DementiaUnderstanding Dementia

This session will help you to understand the changes associated with dementia, how these are experienced by people living with dementia and their families, and the range of aspects of a person's life which we can draw on to ensure people live well with dementia.



Supporting People To Live Well With DementiaSupporting People to Live Well With Dementia

In this session, we will look at how you can provide person-centred care to people with dementia and to their family and close friends.




Challenging Stigma Myths And StereotypesChallenging Stigma, Myths and Stereotypes

This session will introduce what stigma is, the way people affected by dementia are stigmatised, its consequences for people living with dementia and what we can do to challenge it.



Barbara’s story

Barbaras StoryThis video follows a patient who has symptoms of dementia, and explores the challenges she faces when she comes into contact with NHS staff at home and in hospital.



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