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Sample sessions

e-dermatology offers clinical scenario and knowledge based sessions.

Clinical scenarios allow the learner to follow cases from initial presentation to diagnosis and management.

Knowledge based sessions offer high quality curriculum-based content featuring graphics, animations, video and interactive questions.

Learners can work through any sessions relevant to their specific training needs, in any order they choose.

Using Genetic Family Histories in Dermatological Practice

Using-Genetic-Family-Histor.jpgThis session enables the user to develop their skills in taking and interpreting a genetic family history, and considers the relevance of diagnostic genetic testing and family management within this specialised area.



Delusions of Parasitosis

session_ss2This session describes a patient with a delusional disorder. It illustrates the steps required to establish the diagnosis and describes the institution of an appropriate management plan.




Mediators and Mechanisms of Itch

session_ss3This session explores the pathogenesis of pruritus and aims to provide knowledge on the mediators and mechanisms of itch.






Histopathological techniques

session_ss4This session introduces the learner to the different histopathological techniques which may be used for skin biopsies.






Glossary of Genetic Terms

session_ss5This session provides a glossary of terms associated with DNA and human genetics.







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