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Sample sessions

Below is a small selection of course material from the Emergency Medicine e-learning curriculum. As is the case with all our courses, this selection has been written by emergency medicine consultants and developed to support the college strategy to support regional training programmes, workplace-based assessment and CPD.

This selection will give you a taste of the quality and interactivity that can be found throughout all the courses made available.

Zygomatic Complex and Nasal Injury

Zygomatic Complex and Nasal InjuryThis session covers the assessment, investigation and management of injuries to the bones of the midface; the zygoma, zygomatic arch, maxilla, orbit and nose.



Cranial Nerves One to Six

Cranial Nerves One to SixThis session looks at the more common traumatic and medical causes of cranial nerve injury.



Acute Rhabdomyolysis

Acute RhabdomyolysisThis session looks at the causes, identification and treatment of rhabdomyolysis in the emergency department.




VertigoThis session identifies the causes of Vertigo, the differences, with diagnosis and options for effective treatments. 



Causes and Management of Myocarditis

Causes and Management of MyocarditisThis session describes the presentation, causes and treatment of myocarditis, which play a key role in the prevention of a missed or delayed diagnosis of a patient with this potentially fatal disease.





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