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Symptom management

Effective symptom management is crucial in end of life care. It enables patients to make the most of their remaining time with a reasonable quality of life, enjoying their family and friends. It helps to put them in a position to make choices and decisions about their own care.

This set of sessions introduces the basic principles and process of helping to improve symptom control for these patients. It is intended to be informative for those who are not responsible for symptom management, but who frequently witness the impact of uncontrolled symptoms on patient's lives.

Health professionals who are responsible for this aspect of care should access the full suite of e-learning sessions and undertake other training and education.

General approach to assessment of symptoms

END 04 003This session provides a general approach to the assessment of symptoms, an essential first step before a plan for symptom management and care can be started.



Agreeing a plan of management and care

END 04 005This session moves the learner on from working out a diagnosis to making a plan, which is discussed and agreed with the patient.



Communicating the plan of management and care

END 04 006This session deals with the communication issues related to symptom management - being able to explain the plan to the patient, his/her carer if appropriate and to other relevant members of the team.




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