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Priorities for Care of the Dying Person

Priorities for Care of the Dying Person 

The care of people that are dying and support for their families is something that almost all health and social care staff contribute to, consider of great importance in their role and can get great satisfaction from. However, there is a high level of concern that patients and their families are not being cared for with sufficient dignity, compassion or expertise and that there is much that can be improved in their experience in the last days of their life.

e-ELCA is a resource that can provide a great deal of support for the development of staff. It is however unlikely to be the only training element that staff will require.

A small number of sessions have been identified as ‘core’ and ‘additional' for a range of staff groups, which focus specifically on care in the last few days and hours of life. Sessions in e-ELCA have also been mapped to the nine high-level learning objectives in the One Chance to Get it Right report developed by the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People in 2014. A guide is available for you to view/download here.

OnechanceA session which helps you assess your own training needs has also been developed. This will help you to identify your areas of strength and those you need to focus on. A hard copy of this is available for you to view/download here.

Core and additional e-ELCA sessions for specific staff groups have been defined for:

This video may help new users to e-ELCA, and educators, learn what may be useful to integrate into their teaching about the Priorities for Care of the Dying Person to support a blended learning approach.


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