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Social care

The support and care that social care workers provide for people and their families in the last part of their lives is crucially important and a very frequent part of their role. Many of the e-ELCA sessions support social care workers in learning and teaching about end of life care. This includes social workers, managers and those social care workers who provide hands on care.

The e-ELCA Social Care module, comprising 6 sessions, specifically focuses on the social care role at the end of life. However many sessions not specifically labelled as social care in the other e-ELCA modules (for example, Advance Care Planning, Assessment etc.) are directly instructive and essential to those working in social care. Other sessions in e-ELCA may be of interest because the more we can understand of each other's role, the better we can get at multi professional care delivery. Click here to download a learning path document which helps you to identify which of the e-ELCA sessions you might find helpful. 

Care for a person and their family in the last days of life requires key knowledge and skills which have been outlined in the Priorities for Care of the Dying Person. A training needs analysis session has been designed to help you identify which sessions will support your learning to work with people and the families that are very close to death.

The e-ELCA sessions have also been mapped to support learning for the national level 2,3 and 5 End of Life Qualifications


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