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Equality & Diversity

Please note that we have removed the eight Equality & Diversity sessions from the e-LfH Hub as they are not up to date with current legislation. These sessions have been replaced with the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights session from the Statutory and Mandatory Content programme. This session was developed by Health Education North West and has been designed to meet the relevant learning outcomes in the UK Core Skills Training Framework.

You can access this session from within the Equality & Diversity programme on the e-LfH Hub.

The package is made up of 3 elements; a Presentation, a Workbook and an Assessment. The Presentation covers the key points and the Workbook is more in-depth, providing further detail relevant to the subject.

You can choose to do any or all of the 3 elements dependent on your personal preference, learning style and existing knowledge. To complete the package you will need to pass the Assessment.

What you learn in this package:

  1. Principles of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

  2. Relevant legislation, organisational policies and processes

  3. Promote a proactive inclusive approach to equality, diversity and human rights

  4. Benefits of an effective approach to equality, diversity and human rights

  5. The importance of valuing people as individuals and treating everyone with

    dignity, courtesy and respect

  6. What to do if there are concerns about equality and diversity practices 


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