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Dr Clare Etherington

cs_cetheringtonGeneral Practitioner in London
GP Trainer and Tutor
nMRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment Examiner
InnovAiT News and Views Editor

One of the most useful aspects of e-GP is that it covers the whole GP curriculum. Trainees can sample the e-learning sessions across a range of topics and do not necessarily need to go through every single session of every single module.

I think it is really useful for specialty trainees who have not covered certain topics in their training, such as 'genetics' or 'learning disability', to be able to work their way through the sessions on these topics. It is then easy to add the completed session as an entry on their ePortfolio. Study groups preparing for the nMRCGP assessments are able to share out some of the sessions between them and then feedback the key information to one another.

Each session of e-learning gives about the right quantity of information to discuss in a tutorial. It is very convenient to have GP-related information on a topic grouped into a single session, and to be able to access the links without having to spend a lot of time 'Googling'. The mix of words, pictures, videos and self-testing exercises makes the sessions easy to read and appealing to people with different learning styles.

I also like the fact that some sessions are written by well-known GP figures and others are written by GPs who have only recently been through the new exam process themselves.


Dr Clare Taylor

cs_ctaylorChair of AiT Committee and Academic Registrar in Birmingham

I find e-GP to be an easily accessible resource which covers many areas of the RCGP curriculum. It allows me to target my learning around areas of the curriculum I feel less confident in such as adolescent health or end of life care.

With each e-learning session stating the approximate amount of time it will take to complete I can plan my learning time effectively around other commitments in the busy working week.

Providing evidence of completion of each e-learning session either by a certificate to print out or a direct link to my ePortfolio is very helpful.

e-GP is an excellent tool to address specific learning needs highlighted in my learning log or to address areas for development identified in my PDP.


Dr Moontarin Ansar

cs_mansarGP Trainee and RCGP Associates in Training Representative for the East of Scotland Deanery

I was intrigued by the idea of e-GP at the beginning of my registrar (ST3) year and after exploring it in more detail, I realised it is a useful way to supplement learning, being easily accessible 24 hours a day. The content is up to date and the sources are reliable. New modules are added regularly and there appears to be something for everyone.

Given the vast amount of medical information on the web, it is useful to have websites created by the profession for the profession. It is reassuring to know that modules are written by some of the leaders in the field such as Roger Neighbour MBE, a past President of the RCGP.

Some modules are aimed at trainees and others for experienced GPs. The modules are useful tools to refresh one's memory or help to aid new learning on various topics. It is nice to have easy access in one forum to many modules covering subjects as the Consultation Model, to others focusing on Clinical Management or Genetics in Primary Care.

e-GP also allows trainees to log their learning on their e-portfolio helping trainees become better doctors and reflect on their learning. All trainees are automatically registered for free access to e-GP and I would encourage everyone to use it.


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