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The Healthy Child Programme comprises 76 e-learning sessions, grouped together by topic into 12 learning modules. Each e-learning session takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. The sessions include interactive elements, case studies and self-assessments to reinforce learning and there are a range of resources signposted at the end of each session. The full curriculum for the Healthy Child Programme is available for download in pdf format here.          

MindEd and the Healthy Child Programme

In addition, the mental health topics included in the Healthy Child Programme are also freely available as part of the MindEd mental health e-learning programme. The Healthy Child Mental Health Framework brings together the mental health e-learning sessions from the Healthy Child Programme 0-18 series on the open-access MindEd platform. Visit the MindEd e-learning portal here.

For a brief description of each module within the HCP curriculum, please see below: 

Module 1 - Healthy Child Programme Basics

Module 1

Healthy Child Programme Basics

This module introduces you to the Healthy Child Programme and the background and philosophies supporting it - the principle preventive child health programme in England, incorporating screening and developmental surveillance, immunisation, health promotion and parental support. Further sessions in this module cover leadership, monitoring and quality within the programme.

Clinical Lead and Editor: Mitch Blair


Module 2 - Communication, Record Keeping and Inter-professional Working

Module 2

Communication, Record Keeping and Inter-professional Working 

These sessions provide you with guidance on keeping good records in practice to promote effective communication and inter-professional working. You’ll also find useful information on how and why to use the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR). 

Editor: Mitch Blair

Module 3 - Family Health

Module 3

Family Health

Addressing a wide range of topics, this module provides you with resources on the health of the family in the UK. Sessions include topics such as the role of the father, the socio-emotional environment, hard to reach families and child resilience.

Editor: Mary Malone and Sean Mackay

Module 4 - Safeguarding

Module 4


This module builds upon existing safeguarding materials, providing additional learning sessions on vulnerable children including looked after children, to support you when operating in this challenging area of practice.

Editor: Mitch Blair

Module 5 - Positive Parenting & Parenting Issues

Module 5

Positive Parenting & Parenting Issues 

Addressing a range of topics around parenting, this module contains resources on how factors such as attachment and wellbeing, parenting support and parental relationships affect the health of the child.

Editor: Mary Malone and Sean Mackay

Module 6 - Development & Behaviour

Module 6

Development & Behaviour

Child development ¡n the first five years of life is a critical time for any family. These sessions review early child development and provide you with guidance when dealing with challenges around feeding, sleeping and toileting as well as common emotional and behavioural problems.

Editor: Leon Polnay


Module 7 - Speech Language and Communication Needs

Module 7

Speech Language and Communication Needs

The development of a child’s ability to communicate is addressed in this module. Typical and atypical development are considered, along with bilingualism and social aspects of communication.

Editor: Maggie Cooper and Sally Bates

Module 8 - Growth & Nutrition

Module 8

Growth & Nutrition 

From pre-pregnancy through to adulthood, nutrition plays a vital role in healthy development. Focussing on the first five years of life, this module provides you with guidance on nutrition, feeding, weaning, growth and growth charts, the social context of food and obesity in the early years.

Editor: Judy More


Module 9 - Immunisation

Module 9


These sessions deliver guidance for healthcare professionals working with families, providing advice, support and addressing parental anxieties around immunisation.

Editor: David Elliman and Helen Bedford

Module 10 - Health Promotion

Module 10

Health Promotion

This module outlines vital areas of interest in promoting health from the start in pregnancy through to the first five years of life. With a focus on smoking, obesity, mental health and substance misuse, this module also includes topics such as dental health and injury prevention.

Editor: Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent

Module 11 - Screening

Module 11


Screening forms a key part of the Healthy Child Programme. This module outlines the importance of screening and describes the timeline for screening in the first five years of life. The role of the UK National Screening Committee is also discussed.

Editor: David Elliman and Jo Harcombe

Module 12 - Health Visiting Model of Practice

Module 12

Health Visiting Model of Practice

This session forms the first stage of providing the health visitor profession with a model of practice that you and families can use to guide your work together on the Healthy Child Programme.

Editor: Mitch Blair



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