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Image Interpretation launches multiple choice quizzes

The e-Learning for Health Image Interpretation programme is currently developing Multiple Choice quizzes (MCQs) for specific modules.

 Self-evaluation has always been key to the success of this programme and learners have had the opportunity to assess their understanding of the content in a wide range of interactions. These include labelling diagrams and images, clinical case scenarios, interactive questions and quizzes. Most importantly, there is a range of images at the end of each session, to test skills in image interpretation. The sessions will enable the learner to:

a) Correctly decide whether the image is normal or abnormal

b) Accurately describe the image

Gill Harrison, Ultrasound Programme Director at City University London, and editor of the Obstetric Ultrasound Module has developed the first group of quizzes based on the content in this module. Gill said:

‘Each obstetric session has at least 10 questions, associated with the content of the session. The questions allow you to check your understanding and knowledge in each area, to highlight any further reading or study that might be required. After completing the module and associated interactive learning within it, you can complete the quizzes and will receive an overall mark. If you successfully pass the quiz you will get a certificate, which is excellent evidence for your continuing professional development portfolio.

Certificate ImageWithin the ultrasound programme we use quiz questions for students to check their understanding, so I used a similar format when developing the e-learning for healthcare quizzes. Most questions are multiple choice questions with at least five options, some are more challenging, asking you to select as many correct answers as you think relevant. In addition, there are some true/false quick answer questions and the occasional image, to make a diagnosis on.’ 

Combining the comprehensive self-evaluation which already exists within the sessions, with the new quizzes will mean that the learner will be able to produce a certificate of completion listing the areas covered, and a score as part of an MCQ assessment. These certificates, along with reflection and further reading will be a valuable addition to any professional’s CPD.  

Dorothy Keane

Clinical Lead-Image Interpretation


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