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Image Interpretation is available to a wide range of health professionals including radiographers, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, helping to ensure they are all working to nationally agreed standards, and ultimately delivering high quality patient care.

image1.jpgThe College of Radiographers has created a national syllabus for image interpretation against which core training will be delivered across the NHS.

Image Interpretation provides a structured syllabus to support radiographers and other health professionals to interpret radiographs as part of their role in the clinical setting.

Professionals often see reflection as a time consuming and unpopular responsibility. Part of the unpopularity often comes from the way it’s taught and written about. This article, first published in Synergy News [1] aims to encourage practitioners to overcome their reluctance and to investigate reflective templates and models which will help them to improve their practice and the service they deliver to patients and service users.

[1] Coleman LG. Recording reflective CPD. Synergy News 2016; October:14-15.


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