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Sample sessions

Below are some sample sessions from Image Interpretation, which like all Image Interpretation sessions, have been written by subject specialists. They demonstrate how the e-learning works, how multimedia features such as animation are used to support the learning and how learners can check their understanding of a subject through assessment. The sessions follow a structured format which comprehensively covers the skills required to offer an informed opinion on radiograph, ultrasound and cross-sectional images. Sessions are also grouped into courses to enable you to better manage your learning of this e-learning resource.

For more information on the modules, courses and sessions within the project, please refer to the project syllabus, which you can access by clicking here.

Image Interpretation of the Adult Skeleton

General Anatomy and Biomechanics

General Anatomy And BiomechanicsThis session describes bone structure and its radiographic appearance, the classification of bones and joints, the function of ligaments and tendons, basic principles of skeletal biomechanics, and how these relate to image interpretation.



Image Interpretation of the Adult Skeleton

Facial Bones: Session 1

Facial Bones Session 1This session will look at injuries related to the facial bones. It will focus on identifying anatomy demonstrated on both diagrams and radiographs, and offer examples of radiographic technique. Mechanisms of injury will be discussed to develop a knowledge base in clinical presentations.



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Image Interpretation – Cross-sectional Imaging

Role of CT and MRI in Neurological Emergencies 

This session will look at common neurological emergencies, why and how they are imaged. 



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Image Interpretation – Breast Imaging

Benign Masses

This session will look at benign lesions of the breast. It will look at some of the clinical aspects and then focus on the imaging characteristics of each lesion. 



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Image Interpretation – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Knee - Session 1

This session will look at the anatomy of the knee which will be illustrated using diagrams, magnetic resonance images and some arthroscopic images. Mechanisms of injury will be discussed along with technique for magnetic resonance imaging of the knee.



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