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Meet the team

Executive Group

  • Julia Moore OBE – National Director, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Alan Ryan – National Programme Director, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Stephen Evans – Clinical Lead

  • Chris Gibson – Project Champion, IPEM

Project Team

  • Patricia Howe - Project Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Claire Beattie - Instructional Designer, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Neha Baj - Senior Project Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare


Editorial Team

Each e-IRMER module is led by a Module Editor who is responsible for overseeing the development of clinical content for all the e-learning sessions.

Click on the editorial team member's name to see their biography.

Module Editors

  • Tony Denman – Fundamental Physics of Radiation (A1), Management and Radiation Protection of the Patient (A2) and Statutory Requirements and Advisory Aspects (A3)

  • Karen Goldstone – Diagnostic Radiology (B4)

  • Peter Childs – Radiotherapy (B5)

  • Dudley Ibbett and Habib Zadir – Nuclear Medicine (B6)


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