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Demonstrating personal qualities


Clinicians showing effective leadership need to draw upon their values, strengths and abilities to deliver high standards of care.


Click here for an e-article on how patients feel it is like to be treated as a collection of symptoms rather than an individual, to have their need for privacy ignored or to be spoken to without respect or kindness.              


Other resources available to support Demonstrating Personal Qualities:

Jane Cummings, DH Commissioning Board Chief Nurse and DH Chief Nursing Officer.

"I think for me personally I’ve had a range of different jobs..."


What is your personal journey in terms of Leadership?


Professor Sue Hill OBE, Chief Scientific Officer, discusses why leadership matters to everyone.

"I think every single person..."  


A Play Therapist shares her views on improving the patient experience.

 "I think that to improve the patient experience..."  icon_pdf


Liz Stafford, Pharmacist, National Primary Care Liaison Manager, talks about the importance of continuing personal development (CPD) for clinicians developing leadership in the clinical environment.

 "Well there's nothing magical about clinical leadership..." 


Here we hear people talking about their own personal leadership journeys:

Barry Cockcroft CBE Chief Dental Officer and professional head of dental staff in England.

"I began to realise..." 


Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer Department of Health.

"None of my career..." 


Dame Christine Beasley DBE, Chief Nursing Officer and Director General within the Department of Health for Professional Leadership (including Allied Health Professions) and for Children, Families and Maternity.

"We've all got a personal story..."    



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