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Is LeAD relevant for experienced staff?

LeAD provides a quick update for experienced clinical staff on the latest perspectives on clinical leadership.

LeAD can also be used by tutors and trainers to provide blended learning as part of their training courses. Within the e-learning sessions the resources section offers ideas on how to further develop the knowledge and skills of learners.

The Additional Educational Material area to the left holds additional videos, articles and other resources to augment learning. These can be openly accessed by individuals or by trainers and tutors running seminars and training events.

Is LeAD just for doctors?

No, LeAD is about leadership in clinical settings, the basis of leadership applies to everyone. All professions will find the sessions relevant to their practice.

Can LeAD be used for trainees?

Absolutely, LeAD is appropriate for all postgraduate trainees regardless of specialty and supports the Medical Leadership Curriculum implemented across all specialties.

How many e-learning sessions are there?

LeAD offers over 60 short, interactive and engaging e-learning sessions.
LeAD sessions are grouped for ease of reference; however they are designed to stand alone in order to provide an open learning pathway to meet individual development needs and interests.

The sessions are grouped in to two pathways, each have all the sessions and you can choose whichever format you prefer:


Medical Leadership (MLE):

Clinical Leadership (CLE):

LeAD e-learning sessions grouped by module themes

      LeAD e-learning sessions grouped by MLCF/CLCF domains

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MLE Pathway CLE Pathway


How can I access the e-learning?

You have the option of having all LeAD sessions presented in one of two ways, by domain or by theme. Please refer to the 'How to access' page for more details.



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