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Improving services

5-leadership-domains_04.jpgClinicians showing effective leadership make a real difference to people's health by delivering high quality services and by developing improvements to services.


Click here for an e-article on initiatives currently underway that show healthcare practitioners, as individuals and teams, ensuring patients are treated with kindness and compassion alongside respect for their dignity and privacy.


Other resources available to support Improving Services: 

The Ward Managers have created systems to share and act on feedback from patients and families.

"Okay, all our patients, we ask them to give us feedback..." 


A junior doctor talks of her experience in finding ways to improve a problem in her clinical setting: 

"So, the main kind of feedback that I'd say we get..." icon_pdf



"One of the main things we've been having a lot of issues with ..." 


What I've done so far with the situation..."


Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer Department of Health talks about seeing service improvement in practice.

"Well I think the one that really springs to mind..." 


David Foster, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Department of Health talks about what would make a difference. 

"It's common that when I think about patients..." 

Many ideas, projects and tools for improving services can be found on the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement website.

For example: Organisational health

For example: Safer care


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