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Managing services



Clinicians showing effective leadership are focused on the success of the organisation(s) in  which they work.



Professor Sue Hill OBE, Chief Scientific Officer, discusses why leadership and management are both needed.

"I think what we've probably over time not reflected..." 


Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer Department of Health, talks about supporting and managing others.

"Good leadership is about enhancing other peoples performance..." 


How important is lifelong learning?  

Jane Cummings, DH Commissioning Board Chief Nurse and DH Chief Nursing Officer.

"I think any clinician needs to really concentrate on lifelong learning..." 



Dame Christine Beasley DBE, Chief Nursing Officer and Director General within the Department of Health for Professional Leadership (including Allied Health Professions) and for Children, Families and Maternity.

"I think one of the really good examples..." 


Physiotherapists talk about ideas for enhancing the way care is delivered.

"We've got a great paediatric short stay unit..." icon_pdf


Dr Bob Klaber, Paediatric Consultant, looks at how clinicians relationship with management has changed over time.

"I guess if I think back to when I was a student..." 


Ward Managers describe ways they approach managing services.

"I suppose its attention to detail..." 


Here is Dr Ashley Fraser, Medical Director of NHS Employers, a founding member of the EEML project talking about his view on clinical leadership in 2010.

"NHS Employers helped establish and contributed..." 

Many ideas, projects and tools for managing services can be found on the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement website

For example: High Impact Actions for Nursing and Midwifery

For example: Improving care and efficiency in clinical pathways

For example: The Productive Series 


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