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Who is it for?

LeAD is appropriate for all clinical staff regardless of profession, specialty, or stage of training (although it is most appropriate for those with a reasonable level of experience in the clinical field) and offers one component of an overall leadership training and development programme. It is intended to support face to face and work based learning by providing the knowledge base related to leadership in clinical settings. This website and the sessions also contain additional support material for trainers to augment leadership development in day to day practice e.g. videos and e-articles.

LeAD reflects the leadership competences outlined in the MLCF/CLCF and will help clinicians develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to be active team members; support others who are in leadership roles; and make effective contributions as appropriate.

The subject matter and illustrative contexts support developing leadership in clinical settings as well as the knowledge base of the MLC. All of the e-learning has been written and extensively reviewed by senior practitioners.

What is LeAD based on?

First came the Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF)

LeAD was originally developed to support the Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF) created by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and NHSIII. The Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership project led by the AoMRC and NHSIII supported the approach taken by the Medical Royal Colleges to develop doctors' understanding of their role in contributing to managing and leading health services. LeAD specifically supports the Medical Leadership Curriculum (based on the MLCF) which underpins all postgraduate specialty training. The MLCF was first launched in 2008.


Followed by the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (CLCF)

The Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (CLCF) is derived from the MLCF. The CLCF was created by the National Leadership Council (NLC) with the agreement of the NHSIII and the AoMRC. Through publishing the CLCF and supporting access to LeAD the NLC are promoting leadership development for all clinical professions that work in health and care. Ensuring that leadership competences will be incorporated into education and training for all clinical professions and establishing a stronger foundation for developing leadership capability across health care and in delivering the changes needed to meet future challenges. The CLCF was launched in June 2011.

And now we also have the NHS Leadership Framework

Subsequently the framework was adopted as the leadership framework for all staff in the NHS and known as the 'Leadership Framework', again with identical domain content for the main five domains but with two extra domains for those working at senior levels in organisations.



LeAD provides material to support learning in the five core domains of the leadership framework (MLCF/CLCF).



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