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Refreshing Leadership

May 2013  

All the Leadership for Clinicians (LeAD) e-learning sessions have been updated and replaced to reflect current policy, legislation, terminology and issues in the NHS. The format has been changed to enable quicker access to the subject matter and the case illustrations have been broadened out to apply to even more people. In addition six new sessions have been added:

  • The challenge of probity

  • Working in a group

  • Coaching for practice

  • The principles of commissioning

  • Introduction to commissioning in England

  • Commissioning for providers

The update and new sessions has been funded by NHS Leadership Academy in partnership with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management.

Getting onto the Leader Board

July 2011

In 2011, the National Leadership Council funded seven new introductory sessions to support the roll out of LeAD e-learning to all clinical professions in line with the launch of the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework. Through this work, it was possible to offer the sessions in two different pathways, one reflecting the leadership frameworks (Clinical Leadership) and the other topic themes (Medical Leadership). Both pathways have all the sessions. 

"Without leadership, all structural changes in the world will not deliver".

So said Secretary of State Andrew Lansley at the recent launch of the NHS Leadership Framework. Underpinned by e-LfH's LeAD programme, the NHS Leadership Framework recognises that frontline clinicians and the wider workforce must have leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive radical service redesign and improvement.

Put your best foot forward and LeAD

August 2010


LeAD.jpgThe complete e-Learning for Medical Leadership programme went live this week. Encouraging "shared leadership", LeAD will be a crucial tool in enabling all doctors both to play a significant part in improving and delivering patient care in the NHS, and to contribute to the effective running of their organisation.


LeAD was originally developed to support the Medical Leadership Curriculum (MLC) which was expected of all doctors in specialist training and officially launched by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Professor Sir Neil Douglas and Professor Peter Spurgeon. In his speech, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, commended the project and talked about how 'a true leader can inspire the next generation to be good doctors', a core principle of LeAD. It was always acknowledged that the materials created were applicable to all professions.







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