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Setting direction

5-leadership-domains_05.jpgClinicians showing effective leadership contribute to the strategy and aspirations of the organisation and act in a manner consistent with its values.




Professor Sue Hill OBE, Chief Scientific Officer, shares how leadership is embedded into Modernising Scientific Careers.

"The framework is very applicable..." 


Barry Cockcroft CBE, Chief Dental Officer and professional head of dental staff in England, looks at the changes in the education of dentists.

"We've certainly seen..." 


Dr Bob Klaber, Paediatric Consultant, looks ahead at what the department is aiming to achieve.

"We, the paediatric department here..." 


What about the future? What do the next ten to fifteen years hold for clinicians and leadership in healthcare?

Here are the views of some of the Chief Officers at the Department of Health: 

Professor Sue Hill OBE, Chief Scientific Officer, with responsibility for delivering the Government's strategy for a modernised healthcare science workforce and scientific services.

"I'm going to focus, as you would expect..." 


Dame Christine Beasley DBE, Chief Nursing Officer and Director General within the Department of Health for Professional Leadership (including Allied Health Professions) and for Children, Families and Maternity.

"Gosh yes if I really knew the answer to that..." 


David Foster, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Department of Health.

"It's almost too easy to think of it as science fiction..." 


Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director NHS England and responsible for the quality framework, clinical policy and strategy and postgraduate education of doctors, dentists and pharmacists and postgraduate training of clinical scientists.

"Okay let's move forward 30 years..." 


Do you think clinical leadership is everyone's business?  

Jane Cummings, DH Commissioning Board Chief Nurse and DH Chief Nursing Officer.

"I think clinical leadership is everybody’s business..." 



Peter Lees, former Medical Director & Director of Leadership, South Central SHA, touching on a possible change in the healthcare system in 2010.

"I think trying to predict..." 


Here is Dame Carol Black, past Chairman of AoMRC, talking about clinical leadership in 2010.

"I think clinical leadership is absolutely vital..."


Policies, ideas, projects and tools for improving services can be found on the various nation's Department of Health and NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement websites.

For example:

  • Share and Network
  • Extraordinary you: science in healthcare celebrates the careers of healthcare scientists working across the NHS. The book profiles the wide range of pioneering work of nearly 100 individual healthcare scientists working across the specialisms, to inspire people about the role of healthcare science and to encourage others to join the profession.
  • NHS Wales, Health in Wales
  • NHS Scotland, Scottish Government Health Directorate
  • NHS England, Department of Health
  • NHS Northern Ireland, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety 

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