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Working with others

5-leadership-domains_02.jpgClinicians show leadership by working with others in teams and networks to deliver and improve services.


Click here for an e-article on what compassionate teamwork looks like and also what happens to patients when members of healthcare teams, the majority of whom entered the profession with a strong set of ideals, come to the conclusion that human caring is a 'hopelessly naïve notion'.


Other resources available to support Working with Others: 

Dr Bob Klaber, Paediatric Consultant, talks about teamwork in practice.

 "You don't know where that small voice..." 


A Play Therapist describes how the team works to improve services.

 "I think in terms of making improvements in the service..." 



David Foster, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer Department of Health, talks about seeing teamwork in a ward setting.

"Leadership in any setting is really important..." 


Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer Department of Health, talks about allied health professionals.

 "Although in the allied health professional group..." 


Is clinical leadership hierarchical?


Jane Cummings, DH Commissioning Board Chief Nurse and DH Chief Nursing Officer.

"I think clinical leadership should be seen as..." 




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