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Sample sessions

The following e-learning sessions are provided to demonstrate what a prospective learner can expect when working through the Leadership Foundations programme. The curriculum is made up of 21 knowledge based sessions which are designed to build on a user’s knowledge and understanding of a subject in an inductive manner. The sample sessions below show the type of multimedia functionality that is used to support a learner as they progress through a typical e-learning session.


0.1 Introduction to the Edward Jenner Programme: Leadership Foundations 

LDF_001_01.jpgThis introductory session on Leadership Foundations provides an overview of the e-learning curriculum and describes how to get the best out of the e-learning programme and use the exercises in your own professional working environment.




2.1 Developing networks

LDF_02_01.jpgThis knowledge session is taken from module 2, Working with Others, of the Leadership Competency Framework and describes the importance of networking and multi-professional approaches to working and learning as a healthcare practitioner.




4.3 Encouraging improvement and innovation

LDF_04_03.jpgThis knowledge session is taken from module 4, Improving Services, of the Leadership Competency Framework and explores ways to support the creation of a climate of continuous service improvement in the workplace.





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