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Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance

Confidential Enquiries


Confidential EnquiriesThis session will outline the National Patient Safety Agency’s system of three confidential enquiries that assess the quality of patient care patients receive from the health service and how this clinical governance facility will apply to the medical examiner in his/her work within the PCT systems where he/she will function.




Investigating and Reporting Poor Performance Part 1: Recognition


Confidential EnquiriesThis is the first of two sessions that together will help you develop an understanding of what constitutes poor performance, by understanding the requirements of good medical practice and how poor performance may become apparent. You will also cover the causes of poor performance and how poor performance may be addressed.




Investigating and Reporting Poor Performance Part 2: Management


Confidential EnquiriesThis is the second of two sessions. This session explains how and when to report poor performance and how poor performance can be investigated and dealt with. It looks in particular at the role of employers and the General Medical Council (GMC).





Major Incidents and the Medical Examiner


Confidential EnquiriesThis session looks at how coroners work and their responsibilities in relation to major incidents. It also considers the coroner's interactions with other emergency response personnel and how the victims are identified.





Pandemic Influenza and the Medical Examiner


Confidential EnquiriesThis session will cover the anticipated effects of a pandemic on the death certification, cremation, and burial procedures in England and Wales. By the end of the session, the prospective medical examiner will have a clear understanding of his/her role in an outbreak of pandemic influenza.





Revalidation of Medical Examiners


Confidential EnquiriesThis session introduces revalidation, outlining who this initiative will affect, what is meant by relicensing and recertification, and how medical practitioners will be required to meet the requirements for revalidation.






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