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The Law and the Coroner

The Law and the Coroner

HM Coroner's Office Part 1: Office Structure and Remit


00_01.jpgThis session will enable you to identify, and distinguish between, the roles of the key personnel in a coroner's office, irrespective of the framework or structure of that office.




HM Coroner's Office Part 2: Coronor's Right to Inquire


00_01.jpgThis session will describe selected relevant legislation, case law principles, and practice pertaining to the work of the coroner, in terms of his/her possession of the body and ordering of a post mortem examination.





HM Coroner's Office Part 3: Coronor's Inquiry


00_01.jpgThis session explains the legal basis for coroner’s inquests and legal principles governing their operation. It also considers the relationship between the coroner and the families of the deceased during this stage of the investigative process.





The Unnatural Death Part 1: Coronor's Jurisdiction


00_01.jpgThis session provides a general overview of the legal concept of an unnatural death.





The Unnatural Death Part 2: Unnatural Originating Events


00_01.jpgThis session introduces the learner to unnatural originating events such as a fall leading to bronchopneumonia or an earlier violent disturbance followed by a cardiac collapse.





The Unnatural Death Part 3: Neglect or Medical Care


00_01.jpgThis session is an introduction to unnatural deaths, where there has been neglect or where the deceased was under medical care.




The Unnatural Death Part 4: Rare Cases


00_01.jpgThis session examines rare cases that may be natural, or unnatural, and the importance of referral to the coroner.




Repatriation and Removal


00_01.jpgThis session will enable you to identify the differences in practice and procedure when a body is brought into or taken out of England and Wales.





Reporting a Death to the Coronor Part 1: Duties of the Medical Examiner


00_01.jpgThis is the first session in a series of seven that examine the medical examiner’s duty to report appropriate deaths to the coroner.





The Coronor's Investigation Part 1: The Coronor's Powers


00_01.jpgThis session examines the legal framework relating to post mortems and the powers of the coroner to take possession of a body and order an investigation into the cause of death.




The Coronor's Investigation Part 2: The Investigative Process


00_01.jpgThis session examines the remit of the coroner and the role of the pathologist in the investigative process.





Interim Session on Reportable Deaths


00_01.jpgThis session outlines the likely legislation about which deaths should be reported to the coroner.







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