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Meet the team

Programme Team

  • Dr Alistair Thomson  - Consortium Executive

  • Dr Raphael Kelvin - Consortium Clinical Lead

  • Keith Chambers - Consortium Manager

  • Jonathan Guy - Programme Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Paul Kelly - Lead Instructional Designer

  • Scott Mountifield - Lead Instructional Designer

MindEd Core Content

  • Darren Cooper - Project Manager, Core Content

  • Dr Brian Jacobs - Lead Editor, Core Content

Counselling MindEd

  • Nancy Rowland - Steering Group Chair, Counselling MindEd

  • Helen Coles - Project Manager, Counselling MindEd

  • Prof Mick Cooper - Lead Editor, Counselling MindEd

  • Andrew Reeves - Lead Author, Counselling MindEd

Healthy School Child Programme

  • Laura GreenProject Manager, Healthy Child Programme

  • Dr Paul CarterLead Editor, Healthy School Child


  • Ian O’Donoghue - Project Manager, CYP IAPT

  • Prof Shirley Reynolds - Lead Editor, CYP IAPT


  • Emma Palmer - Project Manager, CAMHS

  • Dr Brian Jacobs - Lead Editor, CAMHS

MindEd e-Therapies Evidence Review

  • Christine Sealey- Project Executive, e-Therapies Evidence Review

  • Sabrina Naqvi - Project Manager, e-Therapies Evidence Review

e-LfH Technical Team

  • Martin Sinclair - Technical Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Bob Smith - Site Administration, e-Learning for Healthcare


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