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It is difficult to assess the true scale of modern slavery, given the extent to which it is concealed. However, in April 2009-December 2010, 932 adults and 322 children were recorded by the National Referral Mechanism, the government’s identification and support mechanism, as having been trafficked. Victims have originated from over 80 different countries. 

Those who may be victims of human trafficking are often extremely vulnerable, and may fear revealing their status to the authorities. In some cases, victims may not recognise that they have been trafficked.

This e-learning session sets out the situations in which health staff may encounter victims of trafficking, and how to identify someone who may have been trafficked. It explains the legal situation regarding potential victims’ rights to medical care, and explores ways in which healthcare staff can provide support to those who may be victims. 

This e-learning session was commissioned by the Department of Health. It is designed to enable all healthcare staff to identify individuals who may be victims of trafficking, and to respond in an appropriate manner. It complements the Trafficking Toolkit.


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