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Caring for Veterans and their Families

Caring For Veterans And Their FamiliesThis session describes who veterans are and illustrates how veterans and their families may have health needs and help seeking behaviours that differ from other patients. 




Mental Health Problems in Veterans

Mental Health Problems In VeteransThis session discusses the range of mental health and substance abuse problems experienced by some veterans, and signposts the variety of resources that are now available to help.




Veterans with Severe or Long-term Injuries

Veterans With Severe Or Long Term InjuriesThis session covers the arrangements for the treatment of veterans with severe or multiple injuries, including their long term impacts on veterans and their families.




The Armed Forces Covenant and the Needs of Service Families

The Armed Forces Covenant And The Needs Of Service FamiliesThis session will provide an understanding of the unique issues experienced by Service families arising from the Armed Forces lifestyle, their needs and the issues that impact on their access to health and social care provision.




Health and Social Care Access for Veterans' Families

Health And Social Care Access For Veterans FamiliesThis session aims to provide an understanding of the issues that Service families may experience when transitioning back to civilian life. The session also aims to provide an overview of the configuration of a ‘veteran’s family’ and to provide an understanding of how their experiences within the Armed Forces and on leaving the Services may impact on their access to health and social care provision.




Healthcare for Serving Personnel

Healthcare For Serving PersonnelThis session will describe how healthcare is accessed by those employed in the Armed Services, the main healthcare issues and the considerations for NHS staff when treating Serving personnel and their families.





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