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NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP)


The newborn hearing screening test helps to identify babies who have permanent hearing loss as soon as early as possible. This means that parents can get the advice and support they need as soon as possible.

E-learning screener module

NHSP Screener unit 1: Screening

Describes general screening principals as well as specific information about Newborn Hearing Screening.

NHSP Screener unit 2: The ear

Describes the ear (anatomy) and how it works (physiology).

NHSP Screener unit 3: Hearing loss

Describes the causes and effects of hearing loss.

NHSP Screener unit 4: Screening techniques

Describes the 2 screening techniques (AOAE and AABR) used in the NHSP.

NHSP Screener unit 5: NHSP protocols

About the national protocols which must be followed during the screen.

NHSP Screener unit 6: NHSP in practice

About how the screen should be carried out in practice at site level.

NHSP Screener unit 7: NHSP IT system

About the national database.

Risk management and failsafe e-resource

This module aims to identify where risks are most likely to occur along the NHSP care pathway and provide examples of failsafes and best practice.

Read a brief description of each unit within this module:  

Unit 1 Introduction

This unit covers risk management and identifying the most effective ways of reducing errors and failures.

Unit 2 Inform

This unit identifies potential errors to maximise the timely and informed offer of newborn hearing screening.

Unit 3 Identify population

This unit identifies potential errors to accurately identify eligible population

Unit 4 Offer

This unit  identifies potential errors to maximise uptake in the eligible population

Unit 5 Screen

This unit  identifies potential errors to maximise the performance of the screen

Unit 6 Complete

This unit  identifies potential errors to support completed, quality newborn hearing screening

Unit 7 Outcome

This unit  identifies potential errors to optimise population and individual health outcomes

Unit 8 Refer

This unit  identifies potential errors to minimise parental anxiety

Unit 9 Diagnose

This unit  identifies potential errors to maximise performance of diagnostic assessment

Unit 10 Intervention

This unit  identifies potential errors to ensure high quality and timely intervention 

Unit 11 Targeted surveillance

This unit  identifies potential errors to maximise uptake and ensure high quality, timely diagnostic assessment

Unit 12 Care pathway

identifies potential errors to ensure effective commissioning and governance of the newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP)

Unit 13 Continued Professional Development

In this unit you will be exploring a range of learning opportunities through which you will be able to maintain and develop your career.


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