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Eye-Site is intended to complement and support existing teaching initiatives rather than replace them. Eye-Site contains interactive knowledge sessions, for use independently, or by blending e-learning content with local, regional or national delivery of skills-focused courses. The knowledge sessions will be augmented by other materials suitable to support face-to-face courses, and additional evidence based learning.

Eye-Site’s content is mapped to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ curriculum for postgraduate training in Ophthalmology. Eye-Site e-learning materials focus on supporting trainees in years 1 - 3 of their run-through postgraduate training, with a plan to support subspecialty training in a later phase.

Current e-learning sessions include Clinical Assessment, Refraction (testing for spectacles and other vision aids), Laser (including safety aspects), Ophthalmic Public Health, and Microsurgery skills (including basic phacoemulsification). The online materials supporting Microsurgery skills have allowed the Royal College of Ophthalmologists to transform their national course, enabling them to maximise practical training time during live courses.


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