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These highly visual and easy-to-access e-learning sessions are designed to have optimum impact in key areas of patient care.

Patient safety is a main priority: fluid prescription accuracy receives careful attention as does the need to identify accurately potentially very serious conditions such as torsion of the testis, appendicitis, intussusception and inguinal pathologies. The patient experience - and that of the patient's family and carers is also a priority for the project. Knowledge and understanding of common, self-limiting conditions such as umbilical hernias will lead to fewer unnecessary referrals. Where nurses in units not collocated with specialist paediatric surgical units have greater understanding of neonatal surgical conditions, improved care will ensue, and parents will have greater confidence in the local unit's ability to provide it.

GPs will be able to explain the natural history and appropriately refer common surgical conditions in children; neonatal nurses will recognise and know the basic surgical management of common congenital anomalies; adult surgical trainees will be able to describe accurately the crucial steps of common DGH operations on children; and junior surgeons will be able to prescribe safely intravenous fluids and diagnose common conditions in children.


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