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Sample sessions

e-LPRAS offers a wide range of sessions covering the knowledge-base of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, together with formative assessments.

Each of the sessions covers a small chunk of the curriculum, using high-quality graphics, animations, video and interactive questions. The sessions complement each other, providing comprehensive coverage of basic and clinical science, practical knowledge and professional matters.

Learners can work through individual sessions, in any order they choose, or follow a more structured learning plan of a section of the curriculum.

Click on the ‘Play’ buttons below to view a sample knowledge session.


History-of-Plastic-Surgery.jpgHistory of Plastic Surgery

This session provides an overview of the developments that have helped to shape the specialty of plastic surgery. 





Planning-the-Orientation-of.jpgPlanning the Orientation of Skin Incisions

This session describes the methods that can be used by plastic surgeons to plan the orientation of skin incisions. 





Principles of Transplant ImmunologyPrinciples of Transplant Immunology

This session provides a comprehensive account of transplant immunology, focusing on those aspects of greatest relevance to plastic surgeons (e.g. skin, limb and face allotransplantation).





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