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Topics covered in e-RADS include:

  • Radiotherapy, both external beam, brachytherapy and unsealed source therapy

  • Diagnostic imaging using x-rays (both planar imaging and fluoroscopy) and nuclear medicine

  • Interventional radiography and cardiology

The sessions are of value to ward and theatre staff, porters and facilities, catering, domestic and mortuary staff. They are also of value to managers and patient representatives.

e-RADS provides staff with an understanding of the types of controls in place to warn of the radiation hazards, the monitoring available for some staff and the protective devices or methods used to keep doses ALARP. The differences between the risks associated with high dose therapies and lower dose diagnostic uses of radiation and the difference between radioactive substances and x-rays are all considered.

Staff are able to gain a better perspective on the magnitude of the radiation risks involved and why it can be appropriate in many cases not to be over concerned. 


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