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Meet the team

Project Executive

  • Alan Ryan - National Director, e-Learning for Healthcare

  • William Ramsden - Royal College of Radiologists

  • Stephen Ellis - Clinical Project Lead

  • Heather Wanstall - Royal College of Radiologists

  • Anna Campbell - Royal College of Radiologists

  • Jasmine Deol - Project Manager, e-Learning for Healthcare


Module Editorial and Review Team

We would like to thank the following Module Editors who helped to review various modules but have now stepped down from this role: Stephen Harden on Module 1a, Jai Patel on Module 1c, Ayshea Hameeduddin on Module 3, Laurence Abernethy and Srikrishna Harave on Module 5, Elizabeth Loney on Module 6a and; Kevin Bradley and Fahmid Chowdhury on Module 7.

  • Module 1a Cardiac: Ausami Abbas (Module Editor)

  • Module 1b Thoracic-Respiratory: Zelena Aziz (Module Editor)

  • Module 1c Vascular and Interventional: Currently recruiting

  • Module 2 Musculoskeletal and Trauma: Nigel Raby (Module Editor)

  • Module 3 Gastro-Intestinal: Jo Balmer (Module Editor)

  • Module 4a Breast: Nisha Sharma (Module Editor)

  • Module 4b Gynaecology-Obstetrics: Anju Sahdev (Module Editor)

  • Module 4c Genito-Urinary: Alison Bradley (Module Editor), Harry Bardgett (Co-editor), Jane Belfield (Co-editor)

  • Module 5 Paediatrics: Ima Moorthy (Module Editor), Thyagarajan Manigandan (Co-editor)

  • Module 6a Head and Neck:Currently recruiting

  • Module 6b Neuroradiology: Adam Thomas (Module Editor)

  • Module 7 Radionuclide Radiology: :Clare Beadsmoore (Module Editor), Nabil Hjairi (Co-editor), David Newman (Co-editor)

  • Module 8a Physics: Wil Evans (Module Editor), Anna Burch (Co-editor)

  • Module 8b Science: Gibran Yusuf (Module Editor)

  • Module 8c Professional Skills: Steve Ellis (Editor)


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