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image1The curriculum for eHIV-STI has been developed by the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) in association with the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians and with input from other healthcare professional bodies.

The e-learning has been divided into 17 modules which each offering a number of e-learning sessions. Learners can work through any module relevant to their specific training needs, in any order they choose.

Module 1 - Approach to Patient
Module 2 - Pathology
Module 3 - Bacterial STIs and Related Conditions
Module 4 - Genital Ulcer Disease
Module 5 - HPV Infection
Module 6 - Genital Infestations
Module 7 - Viral Hepatitis
Module 8 - Sexual Assault / Abuse & Medicolegal Issues
Module 9 - Pregnancy and Children / HIV special circumstances
Module 10 - Vaginal Discharge, Vulvitis and Balantis
Module 11 - HIV Testing and Prophylaxis
Module 12 - Specific Assessment and Management of HIV
Module 13 - Assessment and Management of Opportunistic HIV Infections
Module 14 - System specific HIV-associated conditions
Module 15 - HIV associated malignancies
Module 16 - Public Health
Module 17 - Gynaecology for GUM

The material has been written by senior clinicians and each e-learning session takes around 20 minutes to complete to fit in with busy working schedules.

The sessions feature animation, videos, case studies and interactive exercises and help to reinforce the knowledge and develop the skills necessary for successful practice in the area of sexual health and HIV.

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