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VTE prevention e-learning course

These resources have been developed in partnership with the NHS England National VTE Prevention Programme. The e-learning session for healthcare professionals in Secondary Care first published in 2010 and updated in 2013 is aimed at nurses, pharmacists and junior doctors to help them understand the concept of hospital-associated thrombosis and how to prevent it.

Three new sessions were developed in 2014.

The first is aimed at Primary Care to increase the awareness of healthcare-related VTE and enhance the quality of patient care with respect to VTE prevention prior to hospital admission and after discharge. It is designed for all healthcare professionals including GPs, nurses, health visitors, midwives and community pharmacists.

The second session has been developed for commissioners. This e-learning session provides a brief overview of venous thromboembolism as a condition and outlines the key role that commissioners have to play in ensuring that the delivery of acute care services across a range of medical & surgical specialties is underpinned by a high quality approach to VTE prevention in order to improve outcomes for patients.

The third e-learning session is aimed at undergraduates and is focused on the pathophysiology of VTE and pre-disposing risk factors, as well as outlining why prevention is so important in the context of the national programme.


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