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WM - Doctors In Training Online Generic Induction 2016 (DITOGI)

DITOGI 2016 programme is due to be removed from access on 30th April 2017.

Please be aware that if you have not completed DITOGI 2016 programme by 30th April 2017 and you are still in training in the West Midlands, you will be asked to re-start and do ALL the requirements of DITOGI 2017 programme to be available in summer 2017.

Your learning activity record will be retained under your account. However any incompletion cannot be carried forward to the new DITOGI 2017 programme. 

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DITOGI 2016 e-induction provides a modular programme of generic topics enabling doctors and dentists in training to carry out safe and effective practice. It has been designed to be less time-consuming and repetitive than some traditional face-to-face training.

Revised and updated for those entering training in the West Midlands in 2016, it provides a standardised induction and assessment of trainees’ knowledge. Including topics such as infection control, safeguarding, fire safety and manual handling, the programme has been developed with the support of the region’s three medical schools at Warwick, Keele and Birmingham universities.

Trusts are not required to repeat induction on generic topics, enabling them to focus on local training requirements and departmental inductions in a cost-effective programme that both enhances doctors’ training and increases patient safety. Generic induction is an effective medium for communicating the vision, ethos and values of the NHS and is used by many commercial organisations to promote their brand and customer service values.

This 18 module programme is structured to allow trainees to complete modules and be assessed on their learning before they start their employment at Trusts.

Please note that trainees who are required to complete DITOGI 2016 will be pre-registered and informed of their login details in June 2016.

Trainee Doctor Groups Launch Date Deadline for Completion


6th June 2016


 15 July 2016

6 weeks from launch date

Other current trainees on Intrepid with no DITOGI completion history

13th June 2016


 22nd July 2016

6 weeks from launch date

Trainees registered later


6 weeks after enrolment


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