The Hub

Introducing the new e-LfH Hub...

The new e-LfH Hub is now live!

It combines the functionality of the current e-LfH Learning Portal and e-LfH Learning Management System (LMS) into a single integrated system.

What are the main benefits?

You spoke and we listened! You gave us clear feedback on what you didn't like in our current system and also what improvements you would like to see and we used this to guide the development of the new system. The following are some of the improvements that you will notice:

It will work on more devices...

The new system has been designed to work on a range of smartphones and tablets. The screen layouts automatically configure themselves to fit the mobile, tablet or desktop device being used at the time. Many people were frustrated that they couldn’t use devices like iPads to navigate around the old system, so this was a high priority for us.

The two images below show how the log in screen will look different on a desktop compared to a mobile phone.

The Hub


It is easier to use...

Many people complained that the old system was too hard to navigate around. We have tried to make the new system much easier to use by making the process to reach the learning much simpler, using language that is easy to understand and keeping the screen layouts clear and uncluttered.

It is condensed into one system...

Previously, the e-LfH Learning Portal and the e-LfH LMS were separate systems. This meant that the journey from log in to learning was quite long and registrations had to be processed overnight before they were complete.

Registrations are now instant, so new users can get access straight away. We have also tried to make it as easy as possible to access the learning, as this is why people use our system.


What resources will there be to help me use the new system?

The support site at will be completely revamped to reflect the new system.

We will update the support site with more information as we get nearer to releasing the new system. However, if you have any specific enquiries in the meantime, please email


Known Errors

While we are generally very happy with the release of the new Hub, there are some small errors that we are aware of. You can see a list of these on the support site by visiting


We are trialling Live Chat as a new form of support.

The service will be available from:

Monday to Friday
11 am till 1 pm
2 pm till 4 pm

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We are assessing our support services. Please help us by providing feedback and completing this short questionnaire.

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