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About Managing Conflicts of Interest Training for CCGs programme

NHS England has rolled out  online training to support CCGs to manage conflicts of interest. The training has been developed in collaboration with CCGs and is intended to raise awareness of the risks of conflicts of interest and provide advice on how to manage them.

Overview of the training

The training programme has three modules:

  • Module 1 covers what conflicts of interest are; how to declare and manage conflicts of interest including individuals’ responsibilities; and how to report any concerns.
  • Module 2 provides further information on managing conflicts of interest throughout the whole commissioning cycle and in recruitment processes.
  • Module 3 provides advice on how chairs should manage conflicts of interest; an overview of the safeguards that should be applied in Primary Care Commissioning Committees; and how to identify and manage breaches of conflicts of interest rules, through a series of practical scenarios.

Each training module ends with a short assessment – individuals will need to achieve 80% in the assessment to pass the module.

Who should complete the training?

Module 1 of the training is mandatory for:

  • CCG Governing Body Members
  • Executive members of formal CCG committees and sub-committees
  • Primary Care Commissioning Committee members
  • Clinicians involved in commissioning or procurement decision(s)
  • CCG governance leads
  • Anyone involved or likely to be involved in taking a procurement decision(s)

CCGs may wish to invite other individuals to undertake the training if they are involved in CCG business.

Modules 2 and 3 are optional but may be of interest to the following:

Module 2: individuals in decision-making, including contract and performance managers, commissioning leads, primary care teams, strategy and planning teams, locality managers etc.

Module 3: senior CCG staff with high exposure to conflicts of interest, such as governing body members, senior management team, GP clinical leads, governance leads, Conflicts of Interest Guardian and procurement leads.

How to access

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If you already have an account with e-LfH, then you can enrol on to the Managing Conflicts of Interest: Training for CCGs programme by logging in to the e-LfH Hub, selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme. You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section.

NHS healthcare staff in England

The Managing Conflicts of Interest: Training for CCGs programme is also available to NHS healthcare staff via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Accessing this e-Learning via ESR means that your completions will transfer with you throughout your NHS career.

Further details are available here.

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