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About the Educational and Clinical Supervisors programme

This e-learning session sets out how educational and clinical supervisors will undertake their roles for postgraduate medical trainees (PMTs) employed under the 2016 contract and aids them in meeting their requirements under the new contract. It is designed to support educational and clinical supervisors but is pertinent to all those involved in the management of PMTs including the PMTs themselves. This resource was developed with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare and the support of NHS Employers and the British Medical Association.

Educational and clinical supervisors have always had a critical role in relation to the appropriate appraisal, assessment and support of postgraduate medical trainees (PMT). The 2016 contract provides a structured method for PMTs to raise issues about their working and learning environment through exception reports. The responsibility of educational and clinical supervisors has not altered with the introduction of this contract, however, some of the policies and processes that surround the role may differ, specifically around the introduction of work scheduling and exception reporting.

These changes will provide a clearer structure through which supervisors can resolve issues raised by the PMTs that they are responsible for, but will require all the supervisors to have knowledge of the processes and how to work with their PMTs to navigate them.

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  • Supporting Educational And Clinical Supervisors

    This session provides guidance for educational and clinical supervisors on how to manage the personalisation of work schedules, exception reporting and work schedule reviews.

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