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  • Central Manchest University Hospitals

About the Induction for International Doctors programme

The Induction for International Doctors programme is a web-based educational resource developed by Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) in partnership with HEE e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH), to introduce internationally qualified doctors, who are new to UK clinical practice, to ethical, social, legal and professional aspects of UK clinical practice. The programme has a number of interactive e-learning sessions produced by CMFT, along with a number of sessions taken from other e-LfH programmes which supplement the focus of the programme.

Sessions include case-based scenarios and are intentionally generic in content, thereby making them useful for doctors of any specialty and grade. It is expected that this e-learning programme will act as a driver for new international doctors to commence a focussed discussion with their educational supervisors, to develop professional development plans and to undertake additional training as per their specialty/local needs.

Experience of an international doctor

The video below describes the experience of an international doctor.


CMFT International Induction programme won the ‘Lean Health Care Academy Awards 2014‘ for Improving Services through Training & Development and ‘The Learning Award 2015‘ as an Internal Learning Solution of the Year.

More information

The NHS has always attracted internationally qualified doctors because of historical links with commonwealth countries and its reputation for developing a high-quality medical workforce. International doctors form a significant part of the NHS medical workforce and constitute 35% (about 83,494) of the total doctors working in the UK. To cultivate further international health links for the UK, the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Scheme was established by the Department of Health in 2009 to allow non-European trainee doctors to come to the UK and benefit from training and development in NHS services before returning to their home countries.

Currently about 5,000 to 6,000 new international doctors join UK clinical practice every year and annually they form about 40% of new doctors starting clinical practice in the UK. A report by the GMC, ‘The state of Medical Education and Practice in the UK’ reported that most non-UK qualified doctors were unfamiliar with the ethical and legal framework of the UK clinical practice when they started working in the UK. The GMC has suggested that NHS Trusts should strengthen induction and support systems for their new international doctors to enhance patient care.

Project Team

  • Dr Sujesh Bansal

    Dr Sujesh Bansal

    International Induction Lead & Consultant Anaesthetist, CMFT 
  • Mr Matthew Ash

    Mr Matthew Ash

    Organisational Development & Training, CMFT 
  • Dr Anna Kelsey

    Dr Anna Kelsey

    Associate Medical Director, CMFT 
  • Professor Simon Carley

    Professor Simon Carley

    Director of Medical Education, CMFT 
  • Mr Tony Armstrong

    Mr Tony Armstrong

    Associate Director of Medical Education, CMFT 
  • Mrs Karen Stuart

    Mrs Karen Stuart

    Head of Postgraduate Medical Education, CMFT 
  • Professor Robert Pearson

    Professor Robert Pearson

    Medical Director, CMFT


  • Dr Steve Benington

    Dr Steve Benington

    Consultant Anaesthetist & Intensivist, CMFT 
  • Dr Arun Gulati

    Dr Arun Gulati

    Associate Specialist Paediatrics, St Mary's Hospital, Isle of Wight 
  • Ms Diane Mitchell

    Ms Diane Mitchell

    Clinical Tutor, Pharmacy, CMFT 
  • Mrs Ann Parker-Clements

    Mrs Ann Parker-Clements

    Head of Patient Safety & Risks, CMFT 
  • Dr Kun Kwak

    Dr Kun Kwak

    Junior Doctor, CMFT 
  • Mr Hanul Kim

    Mr Hanul Kim

    DRK Illustrations
  • Manchester Medical School

    Manchester Medical School

  • Health Education North West/NW Foundation Programme

    Health Education North West/NW Foundation Programme

  • General Medical Council

    General Medical Council

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